Deception and Disguise

Posted: May 3, 2011 in Photoshop

In almost every advertisement pertaining to a female, her image is tweaked, airbrushed, and cropped. Minimizing her waist, enlarging her features, raising her eyebrows, pronouncing her cheek bones, and airbrushing her skin are one of many examples of how a woman’s image can be altered. Most adults are not aware of just how high tech computers drastically change the way we see models. Because our society is regularly exposed to the media, young girls have no choice but to be brain washed by advertisements. Whether it’s through modeling, magazine advertisements or commercials, women are perceived as objects or sex symbols.

Jean Kilbourne is a feminist author and public speaker who is recognized world wide for her views on the way women are perceived in advertising. She has also received a great deal of credit for introducing students to media literacy with the intention of preventing the problems created in mass media. She also provides videos and documentaries to her viewers. In her latest film “Killing Us Softly 4,” her concerns about the influential misconceptions of advertising on young girls are expressed. “I never expected, when I had a daughter, that one of the most important jobs would be to protect her childhood from becoming a marketers’ land grab” (Kilbourne).

“This blurring of the line and the interlacing of memories makes it important that we spend some mental energy considering the nature of reality and how the reality of the two worlds is different” (Potter). It is often hard for young girls and women to generate a difference between what is real and what is false. Most companies have the intention of targeting young girls, many of which don’t realize the models and celebrities in the media are not flawless. This has become a major issue in our culture; perfection is not possible.


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